Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Booloo Bags: Keeping it cool in Duxbury, MA

The first time I walked by the stack of Booloo Bags at Depot Street market in Duxbury, they stopped me in my tracks with their fun colors and screen-printed beach designs.  This April, I got one for my birthday and it became a permanent resident in my car for grocery store runs, days on the beach and then a savior during hurricane Irene...everything in the cooler stayed cool for 4 days! These coolers are not only beautiful looking, but they keep things cold (or hot) for twice as long. Even more exciting, this summer, Leslie, asked me to photograph her new bags for the website. Even my dog enjoyed the shoot...you'll see her happily perched next to a pile of bags in the sand. That night, I returned to the beach with some bribed friends in dresses to photograph the bags in use (we brought the wine). You can read this very gracious post by Leslie about our shoot below. Thank you for having me to photograph your bags, Leslie, I am enjoying giving these as gifts to my friends and family. They all love them!!

Read about our photo shoot here: Leslie writes about our photo shoot


  1. Hi there,

    Hey wow these colors are really suiting the cooler bags, awesome pictures