Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank a Thief

There are some places where people will ask you what you do and others where it’s more natural to ask, “what do you like to do?” But no matter where you live, it’s a noble exercise to dig deep, pull out your authentic self and sing loud enough for the world to hear.

Paulo Coelho, in his beautiful book, The Alchemist, wrote, “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true.” And in some cases, the conspiracy may come when you’re least expecting it. Such is the case with Seventh Room, a band of four who ripped through the stages of Boston hard-rockin’ it for seven golden years in the mid 90s. Those boys lived their dream until the what-do-you-do duty called. So they hung it up and became professional craftsmen and engineers until one day they found their old recording studio pilfered, their music pirated and their past uploaded to My Space by a group thieving fans.

That Stone Age whack-over-the-head sent them back to the stage with new material and a fresh sense of purpose. After all, who could ignore such a sign? Leading the quartet is songwriter-guitarist, Rob Foley accompanied by guitarist Paul Mangiaratti, base player Ian Cariolo and drummer, Mike Dwyer. Their sounds err on the modern hard rock side with a 70s twist. To dish it straight, they just rock , as muscians and as people. No worries if you missed them at Copperfields, Church of Boston or Gillette Stadium this spring, the boys of Seventh Room will come back out of their recording hiatus to bang out freshly-recorded tunes in the fall. Stay tuned for upcoming shows at Cds are still available for purchase on their website.

Now, back to where we started in doing what you like to do. We all either pursue it, quietly hope for it or just stumble upon it. It’s a luxury, a gift, sometimes a way. In the case of Seventh Room, it’s the only way. So believe in thy bad self, spot the signs, have some faith even if you have to thank a thief who cracked your code.

{Rock on boys – thank you for letting me shoot you in all of your glory}

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  1. Check you out, wordsmith! What a great tribute. Your photos are just what we needed, and it's great to have you along.

    Rock on!