Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day with the Thorns

Thorn Family 2009
Originally uploaded by Elena Gormley
Camera? Check. Lenses? Check. Fresh batteries? Check. Blankets, flower petals, silly props just in case? Check. Sun? Not going to happen. Woo? Got it.

Of course, because I was on a mission last Saturday morning to see the Thorn Sisters for the first time since our photo shoot last summer on the beach. With all signs pointing to go - quivering bottom lips in, new-girl-in-the-house-with-camera accepted and sun (finally) pouring through the windows - we hunted for treasures room by room and surfaced with more gems than expected along with a new definition of the color blue. I could have stared those eyes all day. Forget it Crayola, that color's taken, but feel free to enjoy it in the images below.

Thank you to the lovely Thorn family for a wonderful Saturday morning.

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